Refer a Pilot and earn $5,000

Help Piedmont Grow

You already know that Piedmont Airlines is the clear choice for career advancement and achievement. The right place to fly, the right spot to grow and the best place for pilots. You see daily what makes us different and how our small airline is one big family.

Help us grow that family. Refer a pilot to Piedmont and earn $5,000.

You’ll be helping the company land some of the best pilots in the industry and you get a bonus in the process. Our pilots have a direct path to American Airlines, where a guaranteed job is waiting. In about five years, Piedmont pilots make the jump to the world’s largest airline – that’s faster than any other regional airline.

Our pilots receive an industry-leading compensation package. New pilots are eligible for a sign-on bonus of up to $20,000 and a $20,000 retention bonus after flying for a year. That’s on top of starting pay where first officers earn up to $60,000 in their first year. Piedmont is a great career decision that comes with a thank-you note you can cash.

In 12 to 15 months, first officers can upgrade to captains – sooner with Part 121 experience. That increases hourly pay to $53 to $63, meaning your referred pilot will be making more money at Piedmont earlier than they would at any another airline.

Piedmont is the Place

Send prospective pilots to to get more information. They can see for themselves why Piedmont is the right fit for their career. Cadets receive Piedmont support as their hours, training and experience grow.

Here's How Referrals Work

  • Email the pilot's resume to We hire flight instructors, National Guard pilots, experienced Part 121 pilots, cargo pilots and corporate pilots. Chances are, you already have the right person in mind to be your new co-worker. 
  • Trust your judgment to make good recommendations. We value our employees’ decision-making skills.
  • Make sure your pilot has not already applied to Piedmont. If we have his or her application, the referral doesn’t count. 
  • Once we get the resume, we’ll ask the pilot to apply online to start the formal process.
  • Once your pilot is hired and completes SOE training, you’ll receive $2,500. After your pilot completes six months of service at Piedmont, you receive your second payment of $2,500.
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