"I got the opportunity to go down and experience our training program first hand and those are some of the best pilots and instructors I've ever had the privilege to work with.  Someone coming from the private sector to the airline sector, there's really no better place to start your career than Piedmont Airlines."
Alex King
Piedmont First Officer
"The family atmosphere initially drew me.  For a company, when you call their headquarters, to know exactly who you are that's something great rather than you just being a number on a list somewhere."
John Cannon 
Piedmont Flight Attendant
"This is real flying for pilots who truly love to be at the controls of an aircraft. Navigating the northeast corridor at some of the country’s busiest airports is the best experience you can have going forward."
Scott McGuigan
Former Piedmont Chief Pilot / American Airlines First Officer
"I have been working at Piedmont Airlines for 24 years, but it only feels like 24 months.  When you are enjoying yourself, time flies.  Piedmont is a very rewarding place to have a career."
Dale Witmer
Piedmont Maintenance Base Manager