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Mar 01 2017

American Airlines recognizes that flight schools play a key role in generating aviation interest within their communities. As such, American Airlines is offering the American Airlines Flight School Grant program to support flight schools in their efforts to grow the pool of commercial pilots.


American Airlines will support creative and innovative initiatives that focus on growing the pilot pool while also focusing on attracting diverse candidates through financial sponsorship.


Flight School Grant Details

  • Eligibility: Commercial flight schools that hold an FAA Part 141 and/or Part 61 certification.
  • Award amount: up to $25,000 per grant. Winners receive a one-time grant.
  • Decision criteria: Awards will be based on the idea’s potential, probability of success, creativity, and focus on diversity/inclusion. The ideas will be judged by the Pilot Recruiting & Development organization.
  • Deadline: Sunday, April 30, 2017 (Note: The date can shift if response is slow).
  • Award notification date: To be determined.
  • Commitment of recipients: Submit both an interim and final progress report to update American Airlines on the initiative’s efficacy and to substantiate expenses incurred.


For more information on the Flight School Grant program visit


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