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Mar 16 2018

An operation unlike most others in the Piedmont system, our team in Tulsa is responsible for handling Cargo along with the ramp and baggage service operation. On Friday, March 9, the TUL cargo team celebrated winning the first ever Piedmont Cargo Cup with leaders from American and Piedmont.

Cargo supervisor Lacey Lane explained how hard the team worked to win this award, especially after coming close to winning a couple of times.

“We took over Cargo toward the end of 2016 and had to turn the whole station around. There’s a lot to learn, so training is about four weeks,” said Lacey. “We have to do a lot of on-the-job training as well to make sure we are extremely careful and follow all procedures.”

From transporting parts to pets, the nine person Cargo team in TUL can all agree the key to winning the Cargo Cup was working as a team.

“The details and regulatory items make TUL a high volume operation and something completely different for Piedmont,” said Lamar Graves, TUL general manager. “This team worked together to establish a foundation, and if they continue to work together and take care of each other, they will continue to be successful.”

Along with accolades from Piedmont leadership, the American team shared how impressed they were with the performance in TUL. 

“This team kept striving to meet their goals and that’s impressive,” said Earl Chilton, Cargo Regional manager. “What you guys have done in Tulsa is awesome, inspiring and I wish I could spread it around the system.”

The Cargo Cup measures the team’s performance on making sure customers’ high priority products are delivered on time, if cargo has delays and how the team is logging the products that come in. TUL exceeded their goals in all six metrics they were measured on.

Congratulations to team TUL on the first Piedmont Cargo Cup! “What you’re doing here is making a difference,” said David Vance, vice president of Cargo Operations.

Stay tuned for more information about Piedmont’s Cargo operation in next week’s newsletter. 

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