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Apr 02 2018

Piedmont Airlines flight attendant Lucinda Ferrell received the Piedmont Real American Hero Award for saving a customer’s life in the Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport in Ottawa, Canada.

Lucinda was honored at a special event in Philadelphia on March 27. Steve Keefer, vice president of Flight Operations, presented her with a Real American Hero cape and a $1,000 monetary award.

On February 27 after landing in Ottawa, Lucinda noticed a passenger in distress in the arrival area of the airport. Lucinda put her emergency training into action and performed CPR until medical assistance arrived on scene, directing those around her to summon help and retrieve a nearby defibrillator.  The customer survived, and the paramedics credited Lucinda’s quick initial response and actions for saving his life.

 “It was with great pleasure to present the Real American Hero award to Lucinda Farrell,” said Keefer. “Most of us don’t know how we would react in an emergency, but Lucinda didn’t hesitate to step forward and help. This was a rare situation and we are extremely proud that one of Piedmont’s own had the courage to step forward and use her training to save a life.”

Lucinda has been a flight attendant with Piedmont for 11 years. “I’m very thankful to have received great CPR training from Piedmont,” said Farrell. “I’m very grateful to have been able to utilize my training to make a difference by saving a life.”

“I am extremely proud of Lucinda for stepping up to assist without hesitation,” said Mandy McGuigan, Inflight director. “She’s a true hero.”

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