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Jul 16 2018

Come visit Piedmont’s Recruiting team at the 2018 EAA Airventure Oshkosh Air Show. The air show runs from July 23-29 and will bring over 500,000 attendees to Oshkosh’s Wittman Regional Airport. Piedmont’s recruiting booth will be located in Aviation Gateway Park, so make sure to stop by and say hi!

The Oshkosh Air Show started in 1953 in Hales Corner, Wisconsin before moving to Rockford, Illinois as the event grew in size. In the 1970s, the air show moved back to Oshkosh, Wisconsin where it has continued to bring in more attendees year over year. The air show has played host to the debut of different revolutions in aircraft design and technology. Oshkosh is now the largest airshow in the United States.

Piedmont will spend all week recruiting pilots, mechanics, ground handlers and corporate positions. Joining us at the booth will be Piedmont’s dinosaur mascots Phil and Charlotte. Make sure to also pick up some of our famous swag such as our socks, sunglasses, posters, and more.

Stunt pilot Gene Soucy, also known as “Mr. Airshow”, will be signing autographs at the booth in between his famous performances, where he flies his aircraft known as the “Piedmont Special.” Soucy’s schedule for the week can be found here.

“Oshkosh is our chance to showcase our brand and to attract the top talented aviation professionals that attend the event,” said Tyler Tenbrink, Piedmont’s Pilot Recruitment manager. “This year we have expanded our demographic and are recruiting not only pilots but for all jobs that Piedmont has to offer.”

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