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Sep 14 2018


Twelve Piedmont pilot cadets got the chance to talk shop with CEO Lyle Hogg at a lunch event in PHL. It’s an effort to introduce our future pilots to each other, and our leadership team.

“It was very important for me to attend this event,” said Taylor Thompson, Piedmont cadet from California Aeronautical University. “Piedmont is a small company with a family environment. Having the opportunity to build a relationship with the CEO before officially joining the company is great.”

“Piedmont has grown 25 percent in the past nine months and will continue to grow as more jets are added to our fleet,” said Lyle. Piedmont is expected to have 60 jets by spring 2019.  “With more American pilots retiring in the next few years than any other airline, it’s a great time for cadets to start their career with Piedmont, as our pilots are guaranteed a job with American.”

The event was hosted by the cadet recruiting team. “You’re in the right place and have a great opportunity within reach,” pilot programs manager Lynnette Darnell told the group.

“Our goal for the event is to emphasize to the cadets that they are important to us by committing to joining our airline so far in advance. We value our cadets and want to make them feel special by giving them some one-on-one time with our CEO.”

Piedmont’s cadet recruiting team partners with 22 aviation schools across the country to share the opportunities of working for Piedmont and find qualified pilot candidates.

The next Lunch with Lyle event will be held for cadets next spring. For a list of our cadet partner schools, click here.

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