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Feb 04 2020

Join us at NGPA Winter Warm Up and take a look at our new pilot cadet program or interview with our recruiters for a guaranteed job at American Airlines. Pilots who would like to interview with Piedmont this week can email to set up an appointment.

Piedmont is proud to sponsor the NGPA:

St. Louis Park, MN, January 29, 2020 – The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) is pleased to recognize the increased level of support from Piedmont Airlines. Piedmont Airlines joined NGPA’s Diamond Elite sponsorship level on January 1, 2020. Piedmont Airlines joins three other Diamond Elite supporters of NGPA’s mission.

“Piedmont’s priority has always been safety, and that goes beyond the safety of our aircraft and passengers. “We believe our team members must feel safe enough to express who they are and what they believe in,” said Piedmont’s Director of Recruitment Tyler Tenbrink. Piedmont is proud to sponsor an organization that recognizes strength in the foundation of diversity and the value of including all voices.”

“Our regional carriers continue to be an important component of NGPA’s corporate sponsor network,” said NGPA President David Pettet. “We’re thrilled that Piedmont Airlines has seen the value of NGPA’s efforts and recognized our progress with this increased level of support,” Pettet concluded.

Piedmont Airlines will be an exhibitor and sponsor at NGPA’s flagship event this week in Palm Springs, CA. 

Pilots who would like to interview with Piedmont this week can email to set up an appointment.

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