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May 31 2016

In honor International Flight Attendant Day, Piedmont is thanking the men and women who strive to keep our passengers safe and happy. Meet a new member of the Piedmont team:

Karen Hebert, a recent graduate of Piedmont’s flight attendant training program, always knew she wanted to be a flight attendant. Her dad was a private pilot and she had the opportunity at a young age to fly with him.

“We would (fly in small planes) and look for a field to practice emergency landings. We would get so many feet above the airfield, restart the plane and take off mid-air. That was probably what really interested me about flying.”

A former customer service agent for US Airways, Karen said she really enjoyed working for the company. When she saw an opportunity to become a flight attendant, she decided to take a leap of faith.

“Six months ago, I didn’t know I’d be here, but I knew it was time, so I did it,” she said.  While working in customer service, she believed in putting forth her best effort. She explained that her favorite aspect of training was learning all the details needed to perform well, even in unusual circumstances. “It’s the information that they’ve given us to make sure that we’ll be successful,” Karen said. “That gives you a lot of confidence when you’re performing your job later on.”

Interested in becoming a Piedmont flight attendant? Click here for details.

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