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Jun 09 2016

Piedmont Airlines offers a great career opportunity for pilots.  Current facts:

Our captain upgrade time is running 12 - 15 months.   Pilots with 2500 TT and 1000 hours of 121 time can bid for captain while in training.

Fleet growth + flow means you can expect to hold a line in approximately two months; sooner in select bases.

We offer up to $15,000 in signing bonuses for new hire pilots.

Upgrade quickly and make $53-$59 per hour as captain.  Per diem is $1.70 per hour out of base. Starting pay for First Officers is $29.38 per flight hour with guaranteed minimum pay hours.

Fastest flow to American Airlines.  Piedmont has direct, seniority-based flow to American with no interview and no bachelor's degree required.

Piedmont is currently expanding to include a minimum of 20 Embraer-145 jets.

Plan to commute?  Piedmont pays for up to four hotel rooms per month in field city domiciles; two per month in our hub base.

Train at the American Airlines Training Center. Our Advanced Qualifications Training Program is conducted at the American Airlines Center in CLT. Training includes single room occupancy at the Crown Plaza. Pilots in training receive full guarantee salary and half per diem.

Piedmont pilots get 100% trip cancellation pay, as well as deadhead pay and relocation pay. We offer opportunities for 200% + premium pay for added flying on scheduled days off.

Our pilots are guaranteed a minimum 11 days off per month. Pilots receive 48 hours paid sick leave per year, 5 paid vacation days in year one, and 10 paid vacation days in year two.

Health insurance is low cost and covers doctors’ visits, hospitalization, prescriptions and vision. Dental coverage includes no cost preventative care. Family coverage is less than $250 per month.

Life and disability insurance is provided at no cost by Piedmont Airlines. Supplemental insurance is also available. Piedmont offers a 401(k) plan through Fidelity with a company match.

New hires are eligible for travel benefits within three weeks. Travel for immediate family members (spouse, children, step-children) is free on American Airlines.

Selected applicants will be scheduled for the next training class. First Officers complete a home study program and then attend training for ground school and simulator training which lasts approximately six to eight weeks. While in training, new hires receive pay, per diem meal allowance (half rate) and hotel accommodations.

Pilots bid on crew base assignments based on vacancies and seniority. Our crew bases are located in Philadelphia, Pa. (PHL), Harrisburg, Pa. (MDT); Salisbury/Ocean City, Md. (SBY); and Roanoke, Va. (ROA).

Need more information?  Contact our pilot recruiters: Heath Bowers at 386.212.0235 or Heather Bowers at 704.808.0279.  Or send an email to

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