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Jun 26 2015

New Piedmont president Lyle Hogg came from American Airlines with two big goals: get Piedmont's regional jet program safely in place and double the size of Piedmont’s fleet as quickly as feasible.  Now three weeks into the job, Lyle is rolling up his sleeves to get the work done. “We have a great opportunity for growth here,” said Lyle. “Our position as a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines gives us great financial stability and a very bright future. It’s a nice position to be in.”

American announced late last year that Piedmont would expand its fleet to include Embraer-145 regional jets.  The first of 20 planes will arrive in October with deliveries continuing through 2016.  The aircraft will be added to Piedmont’s fleet of 37 de Havilland Dash-8 turboprops. “It is our hope that this is just the beginning,” said Lyle. “I’m very confident that Piedmont can become a strong competitor in the regional jet market over the next several years. With a growing fleet of Embraer-145 aircraft, we will be able to add to our current route structure and become a more significant contributor to the network along with the other wholly owned carriers in the AA family.”

A growing fleet not only brings stability to Piedmont, it offers new career opportunities.  “As we grow, we need managers, we need mechanics, we need instructors and we need our current team members to step up and take on leadership roles,” added Lyle.  “For pilots, the growth means faster upgrades, and an unprecedented career path to American Airlines.  A pilot starting at Piedmont today can upgrade in less than 24 months and become a mainline American Airlines pilot before 2020.  That’s unheard of at any other airline.”

Lyle acknowledges there’s plenty of work to be done. He’s been spotted at a Maryland recruiting booth recently and is spending time at flight schools in Florida and Arizona to spread the word about Piedmont Airlines. “I want people to realize what Piedmont has to offer. We have growth, we have stability and we have a bright financial future. This is a great time to come on board.”

For more information about career opportunities at Piedmont, visit our Careers page.  Pilots who wish to learn more about Piedmont, or schedule an interview, can click here.

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