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Pilots: 5 reasons you may want to change airlines

Fact: if you were hired by Piedmont in 2014, you would be flying for American Airlines today.

“Flow” to American Airlines was a revolutionary concept in 2014. Now, five years later, the direct path to American Airlines is paying off for thousands of pilots.  Is it time for your course correction? Here are some clues:

You’re looking for status.

Some regional pilots will always be regional pilots – but not at Piedmont. On your first day of training, you’ll receive an American Airlines ID number.  You’ll travel as an American Airlines employee, use an American Airlines email address and receive American Airlines profit sharing. 

Piedmont launches new, flexible pilot cadet program

Includes $25,500 and American Airlines flight benefits

Career Path to the Majors 

For most pilots coming out of flight school, the road to 1500 hours – the amount of flying a pilot must log to be hired by a commercial airline -  is long and expensive. Getting paid as a flight instructor or sky diving pilot can help, but the reality for most is renting a plane on weekends, plunking down money for time and fuel, flying a few hours and repeating the following weekend. 

To help alleviate the burden, Piedmont Airlines is offering a new, flexible cadet program and incentives of $25,500 for pilots who need to build hours. Unlike traditional cadet programs, Piedmont’s flexible program doesn’t tie pilots to a particular school, occupation or time frame.

Holiday Cheer: Piedmont Gifts New Pilots with Even Higher Pay Package

Nov 16 2016
SALISBURY, Maryland– Just two months after announcing one of the largest pilot pay increases in company history, Piedmont Airlines, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, will offer new hire pilots with experience an even sweeter deal: a total compensation package worth $60,000 and an accelerated path to American. The change comes as Piedmont looks to match its regional competitors in pay and career progression.  

Piedmont Airlines increases pilot pay to support growing jet fleet


Piedmont Airlines, Inc. will now offer new hire pilots an industry leading pay package along with a guaranteed job at American Airlines in order to support its growing fleet of jets. First year first officers at Piedmont will now earn nearly $60,000 while training and flying under the colors of Piedmont’s parent company, American Airlines.