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Sep 22 2016

Dear Pilots,

I’m happy to announce that Piedmont will now offer new hire pilots an industry leading pay package, increased pay for first officers and a retention bonus for both our first officers and our captains. 

As we expand our fleet of Embraer jets, it is critical that we hire the best pilots in the industry. Our expansion is directly related to the number, and quality, of pilots we can recruit. You can do your part by taking advantage of our $5,000 pilot referral bonus and spreading the word about Piedmont’s growth, transition to jets, and now, top of the industry pay program. Here are the highlights of the agreement:
New Piedmont first officers will receive:
•             Starting pay of $38.80 per hour
•             Sign on bonus of up to $20,000:
o                             $15,000 for all new hire pilots
o                             an additional $5,000 for new hire pilots with current Part 121 experience
•             Up to $20,000 retention bonus after one year of service, paid in $2,500 quarterly installments until upgrade to captain
Current Piedmont first officers will receive:
•             Immediate pay raise to $38.80 for first year first officers
•             Immediate pay raise to top of scale (jet rate) for all other first officers
•             $20,000 retention bonus after one year of service, paid in $2,500 quarterly installments until upgrade to captain

Current Piedmont captains will receive:
•             $7,500 retention bonus 

Due to Piedmont’s unique situation of awarding upgrades to pilots with less than a year of service, we will extend a combination of the FO retention bonus and captain retention bonus up to $7,500 to those who upgrade quickly, in order to cover that gap.

This is very exciting news for Piedmont, and further evidence that American Airlines is committed to investing resources into the wholly owned carriers. Thank you for your hard work and continued support of our company. 

Lyle Hogg
Piedmont President and CEO

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