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Refer a pilot to Piedmont Airlines, collect $5,000

Great employees attract great employees.  That's why Piedmont Airlines is now offering all employees the opportunity to collect $5,000 for every pilot they refer to the company. Here's how it works:

1. Forward a pilot’s resume to Human Resources at

2. You will collect $2,500 if the pilot is hired, passes training and becomes fully line qualified with Piedmont. 

3. You will collect an additional $2,500 when the pilot successfully completes SIX MONTHS of active employment. 

Piedmont employees may refer as many pilots as they want to. Carol Richardson, executive secretary in Salisbury, referred four pilots with the help of her son, Wade.  Wade, a member of the National Guard for 29 years, reached out to pilots who wanted to keep flying after they got out of the military.  “The program is really easy to do,” Carol said. “Wade went out and told pilots about Piedmont. Once they heard about us, they wanted to fly for us.”

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Refer a pilot to Piedmont Airlines, collect $5,000
6/20/2016 10:34 AM | Jackie Jennings