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Apr 02 2018


Piedmont Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group Inc., is announcing a Cadet Program partnership with the Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus in Salina, Kansas. The partnership provides prospective pilots at Kansas State Polytechnic with a guaranteed career path to American Airlines.


Piedmont Airlines will offer tuition reimbursement and conditional employment to select certified flight instructors (CFIs). Once a CFI reaches the required Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, he or she will join Piedmont as a first officer and guaranteed a job at American Airlines.


“Pilots who fly for Piedmont upgrade very quickly and then transition to American Airlines,” said Lyle Hogg, president and CEO. “Our cadet program is a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a commercial flying career. It allows them to gain valuable flying experience before coming to fly for Piedmont and then on to the world’s largest airlines.”


The program provides a bonus for every 100 hours of flight time until CFIs reach the required ATP minimums. After a Certified Flight Instructor reaches ATP minimums, he or she will join Piedmont as a first officer.


“It is wonderful for our students that Piedmont has selected Kansas State Polytechnic as a cadet partner school,” said Ben Jaffee, Senior Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.  “Our students now will have a defined career path from the classroom to Piedmont, and then American Airlines. I am excited to see Piedmont investing in the long term success of our students by giving them tuition assistance.”  

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