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Apr 19 2018

SALISBURY, MARYLAND - Piedmont Airlines will open a new crew domicile in Charlotte, North Carolina, American Airlines’ largest East Coast hub. Pilots and flight attendants will join the more than 1,500 Piedmont ground handling, line maintenance and leadership team members already based at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). The new domicile will open July 1.


“Piedmont has been serving the Charlotte market for decades with (Bombardier) Dash 8 turboprop aircraft. As we transition to the Embraer jet in Charlotte and retire the Dash, it makes sense to have our crew members based in the hub,” said Steve Keefer, vice president, Flight Operations.


Piedmont now flies 42 Embraer 145 regional jets, up from 20 at this time last year. Piedmont’s jet fleet is expanding at a rate of two per month, allowing Piedmont to do more jet flying in Charlotte while continuing to grow in its Philadelphia domicile. Piedmont’s last Dash 8 crew base, in Roanoke, Virginia, will close when the Dash fleet is retired in July. Roanoke crew members will have the opportunity to relocate to Charlotte or Philadelphia.


“It is an exciting time to be at Piedmont as we continue to add jets and jet flying,” said Lyle Hogg, Piedmont CEO. “Our mission is to add to the success of American Airlines, and introducing a Charlotte base will help us do that.”

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