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Aug 31 2018



Volunteers from Piedmont’s headquarters sorted and boxed 14,376 pounds of food for their hungry neighbors in a volunteer event two years in the making.

“When I retired two years ago, American Airlines gave me $100,000 to donate to the charity of my choice and I chose the Maryland Food Bank,” said Steve Farrow, former Piedmont President/CEO.  “There are more food-insecure people than you think. The food bank was able to update their facilities and now the Piedmont team is here to volunteer.”

The food bank’s Eastern Shore branch serves the eight counties surrounding Piedmont’s headquarters, including two of the most food-insecure counties in the state.

The volunteer event resulted in sorting enough food to provide 11,980 meals for families on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The money donated from American was used to build a 2,400 square foot refrigerated sorting room and additional storage space, install new LED lighting and add a conveyer belt. “Piedmont depends on our community for our existence as an airline in the Salisbury area, so I think it’s only fitting that we give back,” said Steve.

Twenty-five Piedmont volunteers sorted and boxed donated retail meats, canned vegetables, breakfast items, snacks and candy. The food bank receives donations daily and needs volunteers to help get the food into the community within 48 hours. The amount of sorting and packing that the Piedmont team accomplished in four hours would take the small food bank staff approximately three weeks to complete.

“I really enjoyed volunteering,” said Teri Klaverweiden, Piedmont recruiter and first time food bank volunteer. “I was surprised to hear how many people the food bank serves and the number of people we are helping by volunteering a few hours of our time. I look forward to volunteering at the food bank again soon.”

“Piedmont cares about our communities and we want the communities where we live and work to thrive,” said Piedmont President/CEO Lyle Hogg. “Volunteering at the food bank has been a good team building activity. With just a little effort, we are doing great things and we feel good about it. I encourage our team members to participate in a Do Crew event near them to help those in their communities. Today’s event has been a lot of fun.”

Volunteering at the food bank makes a significant impact for those in need. “Volunteers are tremendously important to us and Piedmont is very supportive of the work we do,” said Steve Schwalb, director of Eastern Shore relations for the Maryland Food Bank. “Our Eastern Shore branch distributed approximately six million pounds last year, and with help from generous donors like Steve and American, we were able to make efficiency and space improvements to our 37-year old facility. Piedmont is one of our banner volunteer groups that we’ve had and hope to have them return again soon.”

The Maryland Food Bank is a partner with the United Way.

Click here to watch the video from the event.


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