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Dec 15 2017

It’s not every day that a young student interested in flying is given the chance to do just that—but
with Piedmont Airlines, anything is possible.

Amy Powers, a Piedmont Embraer-145 captain, check airman and pilot instructor, recently offered to finance a young girl’s first flight lesson.

On Nov. 11, Salisbury middle school student Meeta Agarwal, 12, was given the chance to take part in a flight lesson with all expenses paid by Amy.
“She had an amazing level of knowledge for her age,” noted Amy. “The more she knew, the more she wanted to know.”
The lesson provided experiences ranging from pre-flight aircraft inspections to in-air instrument readings. Meeta could barely contain her excitement.

“First, we checked the plane to make sure it was functional,” said Meeta. “I learned that airfoils are really important, as well as lift and height.” When asked what was the best moment of the lesson, Meeta detailed the unique perspective flight offers.

“The coolest thing was the view, cars look like ants and the coastline was amazing from above,” remarked Meeta. “The pilot did an antigravity experience which was also pretty fun.”

Sushma Agarwal, Meeta’s mother, praised Amy and Piedmont for their generosity and mentioned her daughter’s strong intent of becoming a pilot.

“Piedmont has been very nice enough to sponsor her first flight lesson to see if she will like it or not,” said Sushma. “It’s a proud parent moment to see your child’s enthusiasm and comfortability in a career choice at such a young age, and I truly thank Amy for her help in that.”

Meeta’s enthusiasm and interest hit close to home for Amy, who always had a dream of flying.

“No one in my family ever flew so I didn't really know how to get into it,” recalled Amy. “But I was babysitting for a Piedmont captain who helped me achieve my dream. I am merely holding to the longstanding tradition of paying it forward.”

The pilots, cabin crews and maintenance technicians of tomorrow surely benefit from the passionate knowledge and willingness of today’s leaders in aviation.

“We all have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others,” added Amy. “I recognized Meeta’s spark, drive and determination, and she will certainly be successful in whatever she chooses to pursue.”

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