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Apr 23 2018

Today marks Piedmont's 56th anniversary of revenue service. Mr. Richard A. Henson planted the seeds of Piedmont Airlines with the founding of the Hagerstown Commuter in 1962. But, that was not the only significant event of the year.

From the Jetsons to JFK, these events also occurred in 1962:

January 1: The U.S. Navy Seals are created

January 4: First New York City Subway car operates without an onboard crew

March 2: Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a single NBA game in Hershey, PA

March 19: Bob Dylan releases his debut album, Bob Dylan

April 9: West Side Story wins Best Picture at the Oscars

April 21: The Seattle Space Needle opens to the public

May 19: Marilyn Monroe sings "happy birthday" to President Kennedy

July 2: The First Wal-Mart opens in Bentonville, AR

August 1: Spider Man debuts in the Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic

October 14: Cuban Missile Crisis begins as U.S. surveillance finds Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba

September 23: The Jetsons premieres on ABC

October 1: Johnny Carson takes over as host of the Tonight Show on NBC, beginning his 30-year run as host

November 17: JFK dedicates Dulles International Airport

Thank you team members, both past and present, for your tireless dedication and commitment to success. Happy Anniversary!

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