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Dec 20 2019

Piedmont Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group Inc., has partnered with the Latino Pilots Association to focus on raising awareness of pilot career opportunities in the Hispanic aviation community.

“The Latino Pilots Association is thrilled to have Piedmont as its first, regional airline sponsor,” said Jerry Dooyes, President, Latino Pilots Association.  “Piedmont has recognized the hard work put in by our member volunteers over the past five years and given tremendous credence to our cause. Thanks to Piedmont’s leadership and their commitment to our mission, we will be able to scale our efforts in key regions all around the country. On behalf of our Board, our leadership and member volunteers, we offer Piedmont our utmost gratitude and thanks.” 

The agreement is part of an innovative strategy that allows Piedmont access to a pipeline for recruiting highly qualified and diverse pilots. Piedmont will join the LPA at recruiting events and support efforts to raise awareness of the organization at flight schools. 

“Piedmont is proud to be the first to partner with the Latino Pilots Association,” said Lyle Hogg, Piedmont President and CEO. “As we work to educate and mentor the next generation of pilots, we applaud the LPA for modeling family, integrity, honesty and pride to those who will be flying our passengers and assuming leadership roles over the next several decades.”

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