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Piedmont Airlines values your military service and pilot training. Now let us help you make the transition to a rewarding civilian career. We’ll help you complete the training that puts you in an airline cockpit. You’ll be on the fastest career path to American Airlines. It’s time to earn our stripes.

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250 hours fixed wing. 200 hours cross country. 100 hours night. 50 hours multi-engine. 250 hours pilot-in-command. 75 hours instrument.

We'll Help Fill Your Training Gaps

Your military flight hours count. You may be currently short of FAA flight hour requirements for commercial pilots, but we can help. Our military transition program matches pilots with flight schools to customize training. Need additional fixed-wing hours? Multi-engine rating? We’ll fill in the gaps to get you off the ground.

Your military helicopter pilot skills translate to jets

Go From Helicopters to AirlineRS

Did you fly Black Hawks in the military? Apaches or Seahawks? The skills you learned to pilot military helicopters are uniquely valuable to becoming a fixed-wing pilot of Embraer jets. Your credentials give you a head start on your next bird.

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Testimonial: Piedmont took care of everything. My transition from military pilot to civilian aviation could not have been easier.

We salute your service. We'll launch your career.

You've Earned ThESE Benefits

You served your country. Now enjoy the benefits you’ve earned. Our military transition program is covered by the GI Bill with additional assistance from Piedmont. Training takes place in one of three convenient locations: in Florida, Kentucky or New Jersey. With just a little more school, you’ll be on your way to a guaranteed job with American Airlines.

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Bring a friend for a referral bonus

Buddy Up for a Bonus

Piedmont pilots have the highest first-year compensation in the business. Nobody pays more in the industry. Bring a friend with you, and you’ll receive a $5,000 referral bonus. Train, study and fly with a buddy and put some cash in your pocket.

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Ready to join more than 7,000 aviation professionals who make up Piedmont’s family? Want to fly for a growing company that’s going places? Ready to start earning the best benefits in the industry? Let’s start a conversation. We’ll custom design your program with no obligation. It’s time to turn your military service into a rewarding civilian career.

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