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Selecting your next employer is a big decision. You’re searching for the right place to fly. The right spot to grow. The best home for your career. Welcome to Piedmont Airlines. Find out why we’re the best place for pilots. Discover what makes us different. Learn how you fit into our growing plans. See how this small airline is one big family.

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Start Your Engines With A Base in Charlotte NC

New Charlotte Crew Base Opens Opportunities

Find the crew base that matches your active lifestyle. Two hours from the mountains, three to the coast, Charlotte has it all. Hiking, biking, rafting and the mild year-round climate to enjoy it. Fly Embraer jets from CLT, American’s largest East Coast hub, and revel in more than just the low cost of living. Carolina life means a music festival on Saturday and the NFL with friends on Sunday. Build your career in a vibrant city that's growing but still small enough to retain its Southern charm that always says hello.

Philly's Your Hub For Big Things

Piedmont’s prime location and growing Philadelphia hub offer pilots another great situation. You’ll challenge your skills with East Coast takeoffs and landings. You’ll live where everything’s within reach. Operate within easy distance of all that makes the East great – dynamic cities, rich culture, live sports, top dining, the beach and mighty Atlantic. Position your career, your life – in the center of it all.

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Your ticket to American Airlines

We offer more, because you're worth it

Check, Please

Forget what you thought you knew about regional airline pay. Piedmont first officers can start at $60,000 and enjoy one of the best contracts in the industry. Come on board and you’re eligible for a sign-on bonus that recognizes your value. Stay for a year? How about a $20,000 retention bonus for first officers? Your best career decision comes with a thank-you note you can cash. 

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We value your military service and pilot training. Let us create an individual transition program based on your skills, at no cost to you. There’s no faster, easier way to transition from military pilot to commercial aviation. Email FlyPiedmont@aa.com and we’ll get started on your custom program today. Learn more here.

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$20K to Join, $20K to Stay

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Do Your Homework

You have options. A lot of them. Dedicated, well-trained, hours-rich pilots have many choices. But look beyond the noise. Once you discover what Piedmont has to offer, you’ll see the differences. A guaranteed job at American Airlines, a growing fleet of jets, a fast upgrade. Sure, we have a signing bonus. Everyone does. But we have something no other carrier has – the right fit.

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The Fastest Path to Captain Stripes

You’re in the cockpit to fly. At Piedmont, you may start as a first officer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay in the right seat longer than you need to. In 12-15 months of flying, Piedmont pilots have the opportunity to become captains, which increases your pay. It’s even sooner for pilots with Part 121 experience. Our Direct Entry Captain program will allow select pilots to earn $44,200 in signing bonuses and train in the left seat. Your hard work got you here. It’s time for the next step.

Ready for the challenge and responsibility? Look out of our captain’s window to find out.

Train as a Cadet

Piedmont's Cadet Program, available at select universities and flight schools, is designed to help the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition from instructor to mainline pilot. As a cadet, you receive Piedmont support as your hours, training and experience grow.

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This is your captain speaking

Be Part of Our Growth

Piedmont’s rich history inspires. We’ve been a stable company in a not-so-stable industry, but we're not the same old place. We're increasing our routes, raising pilot pay, bringing on an expanding fleet of Embraer jets with new leadership. Our financial stability means we're spreading our wings farther than ever before. Be part of our rewarding future.


Additional Benefits

  • Industry-best travel 
  • AQP pilot training 
  • Lucrative pilot referral program
  •  American Airlines profit sharing
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