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Pilots: 5 reasons you may want to change airlines

Fact: if you were hired by Piedmont in 2014, you would be flying for American Airlines today.

“Flow” to American Airlines was a revolutionary concept in 2014. Now, five years later, the direct path to American Airlines is paying off for thousands of pilots. Is it time for your course correction? Here are some clues:

You’re looking for status. Some regional pilots will always be regional pilots – but not at Piedmont. On your first day of training, you’ll receive an American Airlines ID number. You’ll travel as an American Airlines employee, use an American Airlines email address and receive American Airlines profit sharing. Your time at Piedmont will be spent training and learning the systems of our parent company.  Our goal is to make your transition to the world’s largest airline as seamless as possible, as quickly as possible.

You’re looking for security. The airline industry is on solid ground, but individual airlines may not be. Choose Piedmont, and you’ll never have to worry about your career. As a wholly-owned subsidiary, we have the financial backing of the world’s largest airline – and you get the security of knowing a job at American is waiting the day you arrive for training.

You’re looking for seniority. Timing is everything in the airline industry. As your coworkers at Piedmont transition to American Airlines, you’ll move up the seniority list at regular intervals – that means quicker access to favorable schedules and lines. With the fastest flow to American for pilots, Piedmont gets you on the American pilot seniority list faster than any other airline.

You’re looking for stability. Piedmont operates two crew bases, Charlotte and Philadelphia; no jumping from base to base to base (to base). Commuters have plenty of opportunities for commuting and those who live in base have access to vibrant, culturally diverse neighborhoods.

You’re looking for salary and benefits. Piedmont offers top-tier salary and bonuses for first officers and industry leading healthcare benefits. We now offer an added bonus for direct-entry or near entry captains, as well as Part 121 experience.

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