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May 02 2019


Charlotte Douglas International Airport — It was an early Tuesday morning at the Charlotte Airport when Piedmont ramp agents Kenneth and Nickolas arrived to work. Expecting it to be like any other day, Ken and Nick made their way to the E Concourse ABR trailer to begin their shift. Little did they know that they would become Real American Heroes. As team members began arriving, one Piedmont team member suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed. “Everything went silent and I just froze,” said one team member who witnessed the event.

Without hesitation, both Ken and Nick rushed over to their team member’s side. When neither of them could find his pulse, they quickly and calmly began chest compressions. After a grueling five minutes, the fallen team member regained consciousness and began to breathe normally. Both Ken and Nick stayed by his side until emergency personnel arrived.“My training kicked in immediately,” said Ken. As a retired firefighter, Ken served an Ohio community for over 30 years before beginning his job at Piedmont. “I did everything I could to help,” said Nick, “I just wanted to make sure he was okay.”

The courage and skillful training demonstrated by both Ken and Nick quite possibly saved their team member’s life. To commemorate their brave actions, Piedmont management surprised Ken and Nick with a cake celebration and Real American Hero capes.

The Real American Hero award recognizes heroic team members who step up to help during a life-threatening situation. Recipients of the Real American Hero are awarded a Real American Hero cape and $1,000. To all of our team members who work hard every day to keep our customers and each other safe, you make us Piedmont Proud.

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