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Our Mission, Our Vision

Piedmont has a new mission and vision statement – a “roadmap” for how we run our operation, care for our team members and communicate with each other.

“For the last several years, our number one goal has been to create a culture of caring and compliance at Piedmont,” said Piedmont CEO Lyle Hogg. “Building a culture takes a long time – it doesn’t happen overnight – so we knew that would be our number one goal for a while. It made sense to take that goal and craft a mission statement.”

Piedmont’s Mission:
Securing our future with a culture of caring, compliance, and communication.

“We added communication as a goal  last year after our employee survey told us we needed to do a better job of communicating information to our teams. That’s a big focus for us,” said Lyle. “We are exploring ways to communicate with a large workforce that works primarily away from an office or a desk.”

Piedmont’s vision:
To be the best American Airlines regional partner.

How does “securing our future” fit into the mission statement?

“We are measured every day by our parent company and by our passengers on the job we do. Our team members decide every day if they want to grow their careers with Piedmont or not. If we can continue to build a culture of caring for our teams, of following every procedure and of communicating between teams and departments, we will be successful. When we are successful, we get more opportunities from our parent company.”

How do we define “caring, compliance and communication?”

Compliance is pretty straight forward – we comply with all policies, procedures and regulations, realizing that anything less has the potential to put our passengers, co-workers and equipment in peril. “Caring” and “Communication” give each of us opportunities to be better leaders and coworkers, including:

  • Providing a safe and more pleasant workplace for each other.
  • Supporting our front line team members in the operation. Helping all team members care for their families by providing the best benefits package possible.
  • Finding ways to mentor those who want to grow professionally.
  • Communicating how and why we make decisions, and how those decisions affect our teams.
  • Giving team members more opportunities to talk while leaders listen.