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Installation Complete of HEPA Filters on Piedmont’s Fleet

Piedmont Airlines is committed to giving customers peace of mind when they travel. Over the past couple of months Piedmont’s maintenance team has been working on engineering solutions and modifying their aircraft to ensure the health and safety of our customers.

In October 2020, Piedmont announced the addition of High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) filters on board their Embraer 145 fleet. After several months of research, testing and FAA approval the first HEPA filtration modification was installed on aircraft N637AE and three months later Piedmont has completed the installation of adding HEPA filters on the 57 aircraft in their fleet.

HEPA technology is used in hospitals and medical facilities around the world, helping keep medical environments clear of bacteria and viruses while providing clean air. The HEPA filters in use on Piedmont’s fleet capture at least 99.97% of airborne microbes by circulating the cabin air three to four times every 10 minutes.

Watch how the maintenance team at Piedmont used their ingenuity and innovation to make sure customers feel safe in the skies and breathe clean air aboard our aircraft.