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Bringing calm and balance on board turns into a Real American Hero award

Piedmont flight attendants are always on duty, even when they are traveling for leisure or commuting for work. In early January, Piedmont Flight Attendant Sheila Hubbard was commuting as a non-revenue uniformed crewmember on PSA Flight 5287 from Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT) to Atlanta, Georgia (ATL), when she noticed a passenger two rows away experiencing a medical emergency. Without hesitation, Sheila jumped in to assist the PSA crew.  “Sheila immediately took action in an active crew member role with no directives from our crew,” said PSA Flight Attendant Pamela Jump who nominated Sheila. “She relocated a passenger to the exit row seat which she had occupied, seamlessly briefed the passenger and continued as our Able Body Person (ABP) to maintain communication with the flight deck on our behalf.  I distinctly remember thinking she knew exactly what we needed, when we needed it. Sheila brought the calm and balance we needed to a very intense situation.”

For her assistance and quick action on board this flight, Sheila was awarded the Real American Hero award. This recognition is given to team members who perform a heroic act in a life-threatening situation.

Without question, Sheila’s actions allowed the working crew to tend to the customer in distress while she assisted the needs of the other customers on board.

Sheila says her training just kicked in. “Helping others is what a flight attendant does as a profession but naturally we all are helpers anyway. It felt good to be able to help in a situation that wasn’t required of me.”

“I’m so proud of Sheila for the level of compassion and dedication she shows every day to our customers,” said Pamela Johns, Charlotte Inflight Manager. A small celebration presenting Sheila with her commemorative Real American Hero cape was held in CLT.

“I am honored to be part of the American Inflight family with a poised professional as selfless as her,” said PSA Flight Attendant Pamela Jump.

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