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How lifestyle benefits can inspire your journey

Have you ever looked up and wondered how thousands of pounds of metal and fuel are able to soar so effortlessly through the sky?

The simple answer is, every single piece of the aircraft is working together, performing individual functions to make the whole plane fly. Like aircraft, the people who ensure the safe operation and maintenance of these airplanes must all work in unison with one another to make the operation run smoothly. Pilots and Flight Attendants are often the initial thought when someone thinks of a career in aviation, but what about the other moving parts and pieces? Let’s learn more about the role of an Airline Ramp Agent.

What is a Ramp Agent?

After scoring the window seat, have you ever noticed the people outside directing the airplanes or loading your baggage? Ramp Agents perform a multitude of operations, including marshalling in aircraft, loading and unloading baggage, cleaning aircraft, operating ground service equipment (GSE) and assisting passengers with their luggage. Their role is critical to ensuring a safe and on-time operation.


When choosing a career, lifestyle benefits are always an added bonus when considering which path to take. As a Ramp Agent, you are offered unmatched travel benefits, allowing you to spend your time off work exploring the world. The best part? Travel benefits typically extend to spouses, children, parents and even friends so you won’t have to travel alone. In addition to flight benefits, there is access to a number of deals and discounts on hotels, rental cars, entertainment and more.

A Rewarding Challenge

An airport is a fast-paced work environment and every day presents itself with a flux of people and schedules to respond to. As a valuable part of the team, daily responsibilities and tasks make it rare to get bored as every day brings a new challenge. Long hours and inclement weather can be challenging, but the reward of working in a dynamic and ever changing work environment provides unique experiences throughout the shift. During each flight, Ramp Agents play a critical role in ensuring a safe and on-time operation. The reward of providing excellent service and keeping passengers safe on life’s journey is priceless.

Career Growth Opportunities

In the aviation industry, opportunities for career advancement can start from the ground up. Advancing your career is encouraged and there are numerous training programs and mentorship opportunities available to give you the tools to take your career to new heights.

From Airline Maintenance to becoming a Pilot or working in Flight Dispatch or having aspirations to be Piedmont’s next leader, Ramp Agent positions open the door to any and all possibilities within the aviation industry.

Ready for the next step?

There is no experience needed to start your career as an Airline Ramp Agent. If you have your high school diploma or GED, are at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license then you’re just a few more minimum requirements away from beginning your new career. To take the first step, talk to a recruiter, attend an information session at your local airport or jump right in and apply today.

We’re on the move, let’s grow together in a city near you.