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Piedmont Airlines expands to new crew base in May, plans to hire 400 pilots in 2022

Following a year of record performance, American Airlines wholly owned subsidiary Piedmont Airlines will expand to a new crew base in May. The domicile, in state capital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (MDT), drives network efficiency for Piedmont, increases line values and provides additional opportunities for commuting crew members.

“We are excited to add another crew base location first for the quality of life it offers for our pilots and flight attendants who choose to live or commute there, and second for the value it adds to our operation,” said Piedmont Vice President of Flight Operations, Steve Keefer. “Piedmont took on many new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, including expanded routes out of Chicago, and our crews performed flawlessly. We are well positioned to now re-evaluate our network and optimize our value to American Airlines and its customers.”

Piedmont currently operates a fleet of Embraer-145 aircraft out of American Airlines hubs in Charlotte and Philadelphia. At the height of COVID, Piedmont was one of only a handful of airlines to protect its pilots and flight attendants from layoffs. “Because we were able to keep our crews trained and flying, we could take on new opportunities for American,” added Keefer. “And that good work is paying off.”

Piedmont plans to hire 400 pilots and 190 flight attendants in 2022. Piedmont team members enjoy the same flight benefits as American team members, and Piedmont pilots are guaranteed a job at American Airlines. Pilots hired in 2022 will receive up to $187,000 in bonuses over five years. Piedmont flight attendants reached a tentative agreement on a new contract in January which includes higher wages and industry leading benefits.

“Establishing a new crew base is always exciting, but after two years of uncertainty across the industry this is a small but meaningful reason to celebrate,” said Piedmont President and CEO Eric Morgan. The new Harrisburg base will start with just 10 lines of flying and increase as the network warrants. “Piedmont will mark its 60th year in business in April,” added Morgan. “We look forward to another 60 years of growth and opportunity for our team members and the communities we serve.”

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