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The Best Cadet Contract in The Industry, Just Got Better

Now Offers $30,000 Bonus and A Career Path to American Airlines

Piedmont Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, is proud to offer prospective Pilots selected for the Cadet Program a $30,000 bonus and a guaranteed career path to the world’s largest airline.

For most pilots coming out of flight school, building flight time is long and expensive. Piedmont is offering these incentives to help alleviate that burden. And unlike traditional cadet programs, Piedmont’s Cadets can earn hours when they want, where they want.

“Piedmont is committed to onboarding the best and brightest in this competitive industry, and this bonus increase confirms our willingness and commitment to providing the resources to recruit the talent needed to support the aviation industry for generations to come,” said Brian DiLorenzo, Manager of Flight Recruitment.

Pilots with 500 hours of flight time and a commercial license with multi-engine and instrument ratings or Pilots who hold a CFI certificate can apply to Piedmont’s Cadet program with no additional flight time requirement.

Once accepted into the program, Pilots will receive a $7,500 signing bonus. In addition, they will earn money for every 100 hours of logged flight time, up to $12,500. Pilots will also earn $5,000 upon entry as a First Officer and an additional $5,000 at year one.

“We are very proud to add flexibility and referral bonuses to the list of reasons pilots should come to Piedmont as cadets,” said Steve Keefer, Vice President of Flight Operations. “Not everyone wants to be bound to a geographic location, and not everyone wants to become a flight instructor. Therefore, we encourage students and pilots returning to the profession to consider our program as an alternative to more restrictive cadet programs.”

Pilots who join the cadet program can earn an additional $10,000 for every future Pilot they successfully refer to Piedmont. That’s unlimited earning power that starts immediately.

For more information on the Cadet Program and application requirements, click here.

Additional information:

To qualify for the Piedmont Cadet program, pilots must have completed 500 hours total time (TT) flying and earned FAA Commercial Pilot Certification with multi-engine and instrument ratings. Pilots must have a first class medical certificate. Pilots must not have a criminal record or any FAA violations. Pilots are encouraged to fly a minimum of 60 hours per months as cadets.