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Five reasons pilots change airlines

Fact: Piedmont Airlines Pilots are the highest paid in the regional airline industry. 

Does your pilot career path feel turbulent? It may be time for a course correction. Here are some clues that it’s time to change airlines: 

You want to be paid what you’re worth. Piedmont offers industry-leading salary, bonuses, and high-quality affordable healthcare benefits. First Officers start at $90 per hour and Captains earn $146 per hour at year one. That means Piedmont pilots earn 57% more than the next highest-paid regional airline, Endeavor Air. Bring your longevity with you and get paid for your previous Part 121 experience, earning additional compensation.  

For example, a pilot with a year of experience at CommutAir, GoJet, Breeze or another Part 121 airline will join Piedmont on step 2 of the first officer pay scale, earning $97.50 per hour. After training, at 750 hours of Part 121 time, you will be moved to step 2 of the captain pay scale, earning $150.00 per hour. 

You’re looking for an airline that supports your career. With the fastest program to upgrade, Piedmont pilots upgrade to Captain in 12-15 months and move to the Captain pay scale when they reach 750 hours. Pilots with Part-121 experience can maximize their career earnings and as Direct Entry Captains receive a $15,000 bonus. Enjoy the view from the left seat and earn the highest pay in the regional airline industry. Piedmont Captains flow to American in 5 years or move to top of scale pay until they flow. 

For example, a pilot with two years of experience at Air Wisconsin with 950+ hours of Part 121 time will join Piedmont as a Direct Entry Captain on step 3 of the captain scale, earning $153.75 per hour.  

You’re looking for security. The airline industry is on solid ground, but individual airlines may not be. Choose Piedmont, and you’ll never have to worry about your career. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Piedmont worked with the pilots’ union to ensure Piedmont did not furlough a single pilot. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines, we have the full backing and support of the world’s largest airline – and you get the security of knowing a job at American is waiting the day you arrive for training. 

You’re looking to train with the best. Piedmont pilots train to proficiency using the Advanced Qualifications Program (AQP) rather than the more rigid traditional training programs used by other carriers. Train at the American Airlines Training Center in Charlotte, North Carolina and learn from instructors who care about your progress, giving you the peace of mind that you will be successful in completing your pilot training. Our goal is to make your transition to American Airlines as seamless as possible, as quickly as possible. 

You’re looking for stability. Piedmont operates three crew bases, Charlotte, Philadelphia and Harrisburg; no jumping from base to base to base (to base). Our commuters enjoy benefits that keep them comfortable to and from work, and those who live in base have access to vibrant, culturally diverse cities. Pilots who live in a hub domicile receive six commuter hotels per quarter and those based in non-hub domiciles will receive four commuter hotels per month. 

Are you ready to take the next step in your aviation career? Apply today. Or talk to a recruiter at