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Celebrating National Intern Day: offering more than just work experience

Pursuing her degree in Psychology and Human Resources, Caroline Trygar finds value in gaining real-world experience through a Human Resources internship at Piedmont Airlines. While she isn’t pursuing a degree in aviation, learning about Piedmont and the company culture had an impact on where she wanted to intern.

“Interning with Piedmont has benefited me in a lot of ways I didn’t expect,” said Caroline. “I’m able to apply skills learned in school to real life situations and work with a team who provides me opportunities to gain valuable experience that gives me the confidence to go out into the workforce. The Human Resources team I work with genuinely wants me to succeed and they support my overall well-being, not just my work.”

Caroline is one of a few interns currently working at Piedmont in Human Resources and Corporate Communications. Piedmont provides paid work experience and skills students can use in any profession they pursue. Interns also get exposure to our senior leadership team, which is rare for interns in most companies.

For Piedmont, internships create a talent pipeline. For several years, the Corporate Communications department has had success hiring interns into full-time positions. “Hiring interns into full-time positions is a win-win,” shares Crystal Byrd, Director of Corporate Communications. “Our interns learn how the department and the overall organization works. If a full-time position comes available, they are often ready to hit the ground running with the skills and knowledge they gained while learning on the job.”

Samantha Eden is a Corporate Communication intern whose focus is marketing. “Using my textbook knowledge and applying it to real work experience is helping me continuously learn and grow as a marketing professional,” says Samantha. “No two days are the same: one day I’m in the crew room doing research for pilot marketing, another I’m interviewing new hires at the Flight Training Center or assisting during interviews with national news media at the airport. I enjoy the opportunity to work in different locations and connect with different work groups.”

Although Caroline doesn’t have a background in aviation, she shares that those without an aviation background can still use their skills and knowledge to contribute to the industry. “Joining Piedmont as an intern has exposed me to a new industry and confirmed for me that a career in Human Resources is the right path.”

Piedmont interns are exposed to career opportunities with American Airlines and receive the same flight benefits as other employees. Internship opportunities are posted on our external website and shared with partner schools.

On National Intern Day, we say thank you to all our interns, past and present for their dedication to the departments they support. Piedmont is proud to be part of your career journey.