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5 Reasons to Join the Aviation Industry on National Aviation Day

August 19 is National Aviation Day – designated on the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to celebrate the development of flight. National Aviation Day recognizes a historical milestone while inspiring future generations of aviators and general admirers. Aviation tells people the sky’s the limit, your professional career should have no absolute ceiling. As the sky is more attainable than initially foreseen when entering the aviation industry.

Are you hesitant to let your career take off in a different direction?

The aviation industry offers a long runway of diverse and exciting job opportunities, ranging from the ground, working hands-on at the airport to the office in a corporate position. Among the aviation world is Piedmont Airlines, with its industry-leading wages and excellent career progression programs.

Explore these 5 reasons why you should take flight and join the aviation industry:

World Class Travel Privileges. Whether you will be working at the ticket counter, under the wings or over them, from day one every team member enjoys traveling the world for free. This benefit extends to your immediate family and friends, allowing them to reach 365 destinations on more than 6,800 daily flights across the American Airlines global network.

The People. You are an important piece of a bigger picture when working in the aviation industry. Every day brings along the opportunity of meeting new people from different walks of life. Whether they are customers at the gates or recently hired team members, everyone has their own unique story to tell. The aviation industry thrives on teamwork and proper communication when completing daily tasks.

Career Advancement. Where you start in the aviation industry does not limit your career’s progression. Team members have continuously worked hard in their positions, leading them from part time to senior leadership roles. Piedmont encourages professional development through mentorships, paid training, and career advancement programs. Read a success story of how a team member started at Piedmont as a ramp agent and became a pilot.

Transferable Skills. Whether the job is a layover or the long haul to your destination. The aviation industry offers a variety of transferable skills that are beneficial for any individual. You will learn ‘soft’ skills while in customer service at the gates to collaborating with fellow team members on duty. If interested in more technical and mechanical roles, you will learn all things “behind- the- scenes” of Piedmont’s flight operation.

 Wide Variety of Jobs. Your potential is not limited. The industry is composed of several departments including but not limited to ground handling, flight, inflight, maintenance, and human resources. There is a spot for anyone who wants to be part of an ever-changing industry. Each position has its own set of qualifications and work requirements, creating opportunities for individuals with every level of education, experience, and skill set.

Start your career in aviation today! Apply now.