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Five MORE questions to ask in your pilot interview at Piedmont

Pilot Careers at Piedmont Airlines

From training details and airline lifestyle to company stability, what do you need to know before taking your pilot career in a new direction? Here are five questions to ask during your next interview at Piedmont Airlines.

1. Can I count on the company? 

For over 60 years, Piedmont has been a leader in outstanding performance, safety and reliability. During an unprecedented time in the airline industry, Piedmont worked with the pilots’ union during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure Piedmont did not furlough a single pilot. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines, we have the full backing and support of the world’s largest airline – and you get the security of knowing a job at American is waiting the day you arrive for training. 

2. What are my base location options?  

Whether you’re looking for a new home base or planning to commute, it’s important to consider your base options. Piedmont operates three crew bases, Charlotte, Philadelphia and Harrisburg; no jumping from base to base to base (to base). Our commuters enjoy benefits that keep them comfortable to and from work, and those who live in base have access to vibrant, culturally diverse cities. Pilots who live in a hub domicile receive six commuter hotels per quarter and those based in non-hub domiciles will receive four commuter hotels per month. 

3. How long will I sit reserve? 

After years of training, you’re ready to launch your pilot career and start building your hours and seniority. At Piedmont, as we grow there will be more flying available for all crew members. Trips are usually available to reserve pilots, so they can continue to build time for upgrade.

4. What type of training should I look for? 

Your training and career goals may be an important factor in your airline choice. Piedmont pilots train to proficiency using the Advanced Qualifications Program (AQP) rather than the more rigid traditional training programs used by other carriers. Train at the American Airlines Training Center in Charlotte, North Carolina and learn from knowledgeable instructors who care about your progress, giving you the peace of mind that you will be successful in completing your pilot training. 

5. What is a typical flight schedule for First Officers? 

We know that building hours are essential to getting your pilot career started, but time off is important too. Typical trips at Piedmont are three to four days in length with two to three days off. All pilots receive a minimum of 11 days off per month, and contractually, at least 65% of hard lines will have a minimum of 12 days off.  

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