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Piedmont Airlines Extends $100,000 Up Front Experience Bonus for Pilots

Top Tier Pay is also being extended through the end of 2026

SALISBURY, Maryland As the result of the overwhelmingly positive response to the Pilot Experience bonus, Piedmont Airlines is proud to extend this limited-time offer in addition to extending industry-leading pay for pilots looking for growth and the stability of a reliable airline.

Today Piedmont announced that it is extending the $100,000 up-front Pilot Experience bonus through the end of March 2023. This limited-time opportunity initially launched in November offers $75,000 to pilots close to upgrading to captain and $100,000 to those who qualify for the left seat. The bonus is paid out in their first paycheck. To qualify, experienced pilots must apply and accept a conditional job offer by March 31, 2023 and start class within 90 days of accepting the offer.

In addition, Piedmont’s industry-defining Pilot Supportability Premium Pay will be extended an additional two years to December 31, 2026. With this offer, Piedmont Captains’ Pay starts at $146 per hour and First Officers start at $90 per hour. First officers can also earn Captain pay starting at 750 qualifying flight hours. Experienced pilots with previous Part 121, 135, or 91K time will receive 1:1 longevity credit for each year of experience, which starts higher on the pay scale.

“With plans to expand the fleet while maintaining the highest level of reliability among other regional carriers, the extension of our up-front bonus and premium pay makes Piedmont the ideal airline to work for,” said Matt Kernan, Piedmont Director of Flight Operations. “This extension represents a continued investment in our pilots, which is critical to creating job opportunities for all of our Piedmont team members as we continue to grow our airline.”

Transitioning captains and high-time first officers can expect the following:

  • Expedited job offers
  • Preferential training date
  • Assigned transition coordinator to expedite the hiring process
  • 1:1 longevity pay
  • $100,000 bonus for qualified pilots if hired by March 31, 2023 and begin training in 90 days (bonus is paid in first paycheck)
  • Updated reserve rules:
    • once a Piedmont captain completes 250 hours, they will be placed on long-call reserve (a minimum 12-hour call-out)
  • All pilots will receive a minimum of 12 days off each month
  • 50% bonus on select holidays (including Super Bowl Sunday) for all Piedmont pilots
  • Direct Entry Captains will go straight to upgrade training
  • Contractual flow to American Airlines at 5 years or move to top of scale pay
  • Positive space travel to Piedmont’s training center to complete or resolve any outstanding paperwork or background issues

“The key to building a sustainable airline is securing our skilled workforce and accepting that our new reality is much different,” added Kernan. “Piedmont’s secret weapon has always been the ability to be industry leading and that’s what we are doing.”

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