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Piedmont’s Pilot Recruiting department announces re-launch of Cadet Ambassador Program

Piedmont’s Pilot Recruiting department is proud to announce the re-launch of the Cadet Ambassador Program for aspiring aviators. The program was paused during COVID and has been re-implemented to seek passionate aviators early in their aviation journey who want to learn more about our company and become a Piedmont ambassador.

“Joining our Cadet Ambassador program is ideal for aviators who are early in their journey to becoming a commercial pilot and have an interest to learn more about being part of the Piedmont pilot community,” shares Griffin Lewis, Flight Operations Recruiter. “The program provides exposure to our company culture, the commercial aviation industry, and the ability to join a network of like-minded individuals who are working toward the same career goal.”

Ambassadors participate in monthly meetings with recruiters where important information is shared about Piedmont’s current pilot climate, future pilot hiring needs and company news. Equipped with knowledge, ambassadors share this information with other aspiring pilots at their flight school and within their pilot community. In addition, Lewis adds ambassadors receive exclusive Piedmont swag and invitations to special aviation events with recruiters. Ambassadors are encouraged to take advantage of future scholarship opportunities and may be eligible for an early interview for Piedmont’s Cadet Program.

Cadet Ambassador Braeden Poterjoy wanted to be part of a group who share his same love for aviation and a shared goal of becoming a First Officer at Piedmont. “My experience as a Piedmont Ambassador has been exceptional,” shares Braeden. “The people you meet, the connections you make, and the opportunities available are part of what sets this program apart from others for pilots just starting out. I’m proud to be part of a program that sets pilots up for success.”

There is no requirement of hours or instrument needed to be an ambassador only that the pilot be actively working toward becoming a commercial pilot. While there is not a contract to sign or formal obligation to fly for Piedmont, many ambassadors transition to becoming a Piedmont Cadet after reaching their initial 500 hours. Once ambassadors are accepted into the Cadet Program, they are guaranteed a job with Piedmont and a contractual flow to American Airlines within 5 years with no further interview.

“Our goal is to have upward of 100 ambassadors,” shares Griffin. “We welcome anyone who is early in their pilot journey whether they are 17 years of age or in their 50’s.”

Aviators on a commercial pilot career path who are interested in becoming a Cadet Ambassador should send their resume and information sheet to