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International Fun At Work Day: Scavenger Hunt Edition

We have officially wrapped up International Fun at Work Day with a Scavenger Hunt. We want to celebrate the five groups that participated and showcase there unique photos. Team members from all over showed off their personality and stations located at our Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS),  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX),  Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and Reagan-National Airport (DCA).

Join us in thanking the teams for having some fun and showing us why they are #PiedmontProud! Take a look at their photos below.

First up, Team One from VPS consisted of: Kathleen Webb, Thessally Nunez, and Tyawanda Barnes.

“This was tons of fun and we had a lot of laughs finding everything in the scavenger hunt!”

-Team One from VPS


Next up, Team two from PHX consisted of: Ashlee Allen 



Up next, Team three also from VPS consisted of: Kristi Wallace and Maribeth Garofalo aka “The Twins”

“We have many unique things at VPS, such as this jet that sits in front of the airport,” shared The Twins. “It’s a McDonnell Douglas F-15A-12-MC Eagle, 74-0124, “EG” tailcode, last assigned to the 4485th Test Squadron, Tactical Air Command, Eglin AFB, marked as “Gulf Spirit”, squadron commander’s aircraft of the 33rd Fighter Wing, based at Eglin AFB.”


Next up, Team four from PHX consisted of: Lisa Martineau

“The view from my office is unlike anywhere else,” shared Lisa Martineau. “The sunrises superficially are breathtaking!”



Last but not least, Team five from DCA and CLT consisted of: Karyne Frey and Ryan Ostrom