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Piedmont First Officer brothers continue the family tradition

As kids, Andrew and Tim Harman dreamed of soaring through the skies. Their father, a Corporate pilot, fostered their love for aviation by taking them on flights and to air shows. Andrew’s earliest memory of flying was peering over the dashboard of a small plane with the help of a booster seat. “Our whole childhood revolved around airplanes,” Andrew reflects.  For his older brother, Tim, a mispronunciation of “pilot” showed that he always wanted to be in the flight deck. “When I was in preschool, I told people I wanted to be a ‘pirate’ when I grew up, as I couldn’t yet pronounce the word pilot,” recalls Tim with a smile.

After graduating high school, the brothers attended Mercer County Community College, but their paths diverged in their pursuit of their dreams. Tim enlisted in the United States Air Force Reserve and became an Inflight Refueler on KC-10 and KC-46 aircraft, while Andrew worked as a ground handler and attended Infinity Flight School where he became a Certified Flight Instructor.

Years later, Tim joined Piedmont’s Cadet Program and became a First Officer in 2019. He recommended the program to Andrew, who hiked the Appalachian Trail to raise money for children with disabilities prior to joining the program himself. Andrew flight instructed during the pandemic before joining Piedmont as a First Officer in 2021.  “The Cadet Program was a good fit for me,” shares Tim. “Piedmont has a crew base in Philadelphia which is close to home and because it is a regional airline, I was able to get to know the people I fly with which is meaningful to me. Plus, they have the fastest flow time to American.”

From Andrew’s perspective, “I would recommend joining the Cadet Program especially if you’ve had your eye on Piedmont or live near their hubs. The Cadet Program was a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door with a good company.”

Throughout their journey, the brothers have leaned on each other for support and advice. They even joke that family dinner discussion often revolves around work and bad weather. Now, both hope to become captains and fly together, even if only for a brief window of time. Tim is currently on active-duty orders and hopes to begin captain upgrade training upon his return. It was great having my brother to look up to throughout my journey,” shares Andrew. “He gave me great advice on what to expect and how to handle difficult situations.”

For Andrew and Tim, flying is not just a career, but a lifelong passion that they are grateful to share with each other. “Flying is the only real serious thought for a career that I’ve ever had,” shares Andrew. “Being able to share the journey with my brother is rewarding.”

Under Piedmont’s Cadet Program, qualified pilots receive a $30,000 bonus and have the fastest path to American Airlines. Cadets may build hours when they want and where they want, no further interview required. To learn more, click here.