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Honoring National Hire a Veteran Day: Piedmont proudly employs military veterans

At Piedmont, we take immense pride in our commitment to hiring military veterans, not just on National Hire a Veteran Day, but every day. Veterans bring with them a wealth of highly specialized training and transferable skills acquired during their military service, making them valuable assets to civilian employers like Piedmont. As our operations are set to double in size, reaching 100 aircraft over the next few years, Piedmont is actively hiring additional team members, including skilled veterans, to fill roles in aircraft maintenance, flight operations, and ground handling.

Piedmont values what our veterans bring to our operation. “Veterans learn so much in the military that makes them successful in the workplace,” shares Teri Klaverweiden, Talent Acquisition Manager for Corporate and Maintenance. “They come to Piedmont with industry experience, and we reward them with relevant experience bonuses. Veterans recognize that no matter what their role is, they can be an effective leader and possess direct skills required for their jobs.” Teri, along with her team, including two recruiters who are veterans attend large recruiting events and air shows where there is a heavy military presence. Her team is working with Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance in Dover, Delaware to recruit veterans who separate from nearby Dover Air Force Base and are seeking alliances with other schools who offer military refresher training.

According to Tricia Thompson, Piedmont Ground Handling Talent Acquisition Manager, no matter the position, veterans are equipped with an array of strengths that translate into an airport operation. “Veterans work well in a team environment which is an essential part of airport operations,” shares Tricia. “Veterans possess a strong work ethic, the ability to adapt to changing situations, have a sense of responsibility and accountability, and naturally follow rules and schedules. All these strengths are desirable when hiring team members.” Tricia and her team participate in job fairs near military bases.

Brian diLorenzo, Manager of Talent Acquisition for Flight Operations Recruiting and his team actively seek veteran pilots to come fly for Piedmont. “Military pilots come with an experienced skillset,” shares Brian. “They are trained to adhere to strict standard operating procedures and operate in high pressure environments which translates well to commercial aviation. They also have demonstrated skills in teamwork, communication, leadership and working with flight attendants, dispatchers, and other pilots. These are all good transferable skills.” Two of the three Senior Flight Operations recruiters are veterans and Brian says they are great with military pilot engagement.

Brian says his team wants to meet pilots where they are, whether at bases or military-specific recruiting events. The Flight Operations Recruiting team works with RecruitMilitary, an organization that connects military veterans and spouses with job opportunities, participates annually in Rotary to Airline Group’s (RTAG) national convention and works hard to establish and foster relationships with veteran groups. “Hiring military pilots is important,” shares Brian. “Military pilots who were in command of a crew-based aircraft have qualifying upgrade time up to 500 hours. Military time that qualifies for upgrade time is what we are seeking and offering bonuses up to $100,000 for their experience.” Piedmont offers stability for pilots looking to transition to commercial aviation. For more information or to apply for a pilot position, click here.

Piedmont is dedicated to actively reaching out to veterans through collaborations with non-profit organizations, targeted advertising in military publications, and participation in virtual and in-person career fairs. If you are a veteran or military spouse interested in working for an airline that wholeheartedly supports our military families, we encourage you to join us at Piedmont.  Click here to view our current openings.