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Propelling Pathways in Aviation: Piedmont donates engine to Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance

Piedmont Airlines recently donated a retired DeHavilland Dash-8 aircraft engine to the Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance (PSAM) in Dover, Delaware. This donation aims to provide their students with valuable hands-on experience in engine maintenance and repair, showcasing the pathway to a successful aviation maintenance career.

As the demand for skilled aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) increases due to rising travel demands and retirements within the industry, this donation will be an invaluable asset in training the next generation of skilled technicians.

“At Piedmont, we firmly believe in the power of workforce development opportunities that provide resources in helping to shape the future of aviation,” said Eric Morgan, CEO Piedmont Airlines. “We take great pride in donating an engine to Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance, knowing that it will serve as more than just a piece of equipment. It symbolizes our commitment to excellence and our desire to invest in career training in the communities in which we live and work. By providing these students with the opportunity to gain practical experience, we are not only shaping skilled professionals but also creating a pipeline of talent for the future.”

The initiatives put forth by the Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance aim to meet the needs of businesses like Piedmont and the broader aviation industry, creating a sustainable and competitive economic environment.

“The Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance is very grateful to Piedmont Airlines for the donation of a turbo prop engine,” shares Jeremy McEntire, Assistant Director of Adult Education at Polytech. “This is a critical piece of equipment that we were missing. Our students are required to know about these engines and will be tested on them for their FAA exams. Until now, the best we could offer was tell them about them and show them photos online. That is good, but not the same. This engine is a game changer for our students and our program.”

U.S. Senator Chris Coons, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, Polytech’s senior leadership and other local dignitaries attended the unveiling of the engine during an event held at PSAM’s facility to highlight their support of creating pathways for a skilled workforce in the future.

“Connecting students with access to cutting-edge technology is an essential part of building a well-prepared workforce,” said Senator Chris Coons. “Thanks to Piedmont Airlines, this new turbo propeller engine will provide students at Polytech’s Aviation Maintenance Program a critical educational advantage and help ensure the next generation of aviation experts are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow right here in Delaware. How do you define an engine? An engine is something that transforms potential into forward movement. In the case of a jet engine, something that takes off.”

“Like many industries across our economy, the aviation industry continues to feel the impact of workforce shortages of skilled workers. In this case, it’s a shortage of qualified pilots, mechanics, and technicians,” said Congresswoman Blunt Rochester. “What the Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance is able to offer its students is a pathway to gaining the skills, tools, and resources they need to take on in-demand jobs in aviation technologies – helping us address the shortage while investing in our workforce, our economy, and our nation. I thank Piedmont Airlines for their investment in Polytech through this turbo propeller engine, and I look forward to seeing how it will help support Polytech’s role in strengthening aviation through innovation.”

This is Piedmont’s seventh engine donation since the retirement of their DeHavilland Dash-8 aircraft in 2018. Are you ready to see your career takeoff at Piedmont? Learn more by visiting