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Celebrating Women’s Equality Day: Women on the Ramp in BTV

Piedmont Airlines offers a platform for those who have a passion for aviation and are eager to explore various job roles with a regional airline. With a emphasis on diversity and inclusion, Piedmont celebrates the talents of all individuals from all backgrounds and strives to create an inclusive environment.


Working in the aviation industry creates the opportunity for growth and elevation while wearing multiple hats, working in various departments. At Piedmont, we provide the tools for those that enjoy multi-tasking and assisting customers in more ways than one.


The women who work on the ramp in Burlington, Vermont, share an undeniable bond of what it means to exceed the expectation of women in the workplace. Their collective efforts are featured in this video as they give insight on what a day to day looks like running a safe operation as a collective team. Hear from Nadine Jones, Cross Trained Agent; Bethan Wixey, Ramp Agent;  Courtney Wensley, Cross Trained Agent; and Miranda Syp, Ramp Agent.