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2023: A Year of Success and Pride through Piedmont Proud Moments

ERJ-145 taking off, cloudy background, day

With the new year just days away, Piedmont Airlines has a lot to be proud of what has been accomplished in 2023. Over the past year, whether through a social post, a news story, or while talking to a team member at one of our airports, you may have encountered the phrase “Piedmont Proud,” which, while utilized as a hashtag on social media, holds a deeper significance to our company, leadership team, and overarching mission. At Piedmont we strive to create an environment focused on “Caring, Compliance, Communication and Community,” and we truly believe the accomplishments and events showcased in the video below highlight the efforts that have gone into that.

Our more than 10,000 aviation professionals are committed to fostering a culture where we can live out our mission of “Building Piedmont Airlines to thrive forever.” Watch the video below to see our mission in action.