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A career course deviation that led to the maintenance hangar

“Being a regional aircraft maintenance technician is a great first job in aviation because you work on the aircraft from nose to tail,” shares Albany Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) Madison Tremper. She explored becoming an AMT through Piedmont’s Tuition Payment Program (TPP), which pays for students to attend school and obtain their federal Airframe and Powerplant certifications, while guaranteeing them a job with Piedmont. “I have always been interested in aviation and this was an opportunity for me to work in the industry right away.”

In junior high school, Madison’s interest in aviation was sparked by people around her who were obtaining their private pilot licenses and she enjoyed attending air shows with her family. Madison went on a discovery flight and considered becoming a pilot. “I knew it would be a while before I made any money as a pilot,” she recalls. She was pursuing a college degree when she learned that a nearby school, Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) in Rome, New York, offered students Piedmont’s TPP opportunity. “I took the information home and talked with my dad about it. Piedmont would pay for my schooling, give me a job upon completion of my certifications, and a complete toolbox to use. We agreed that it was a no-brainer to apply.”

Madison obtained her associate degree in general studies and the following summer, worked as an instructional assistant for a two-week, high school summer aviation program at her local school district. “Many of the kids wanted to be pilots and had never considered maintenance as a career option,” shares Madison. “It was my personal goal to teach them about aviation maintenance to spark some interest.”

She transferred to MVCC to start her journey on her path to becoming an AMT. As the only female student in her class during the one-year maintenance program, Madison shares that she never felt uncomfortable and was respected by her peers. While in school, she felt fully supported by Piedmont’s recruiters. “They kept in touch with me and had monthly calls with TPP students which I appreciated.”

Madison was fortunate to be part of her school team for the aviation maintenance competition hosted by MRO Americas. The team competed against other maintenance student teams across the country. “I’m proud to say that we did well, for a new team. It was cool to see all-female teams there, as well. Participating in the competition opened my eyes to the wider industry.”

Madison graduated as the first female valedictorian of MVCC with her federal Airframe and Powerplant certifications. She began working for Piedmont at the Albany base in September 2023. “I like Piedmont’s maintenance program,” shares Madison. “We have good policies and practices in place and I’m gaining great hands-on experience. There is a lot of community and pride in the industry that you don’t see while in school and learn when you officially become an AMT.”

A month after she started, Madison was awarded Piedmont’s Maintenance Employee of the Month from nominations received from all of Piedmont’s seven maintenance bases. “I was surprised to be nominated as I was still in training and am grateful,” shares Madison. The nomination stated in part that, “Throughout her shift, Madison gives 110% to ensure the aircraft are ready for the morning departures. She is not one to stand around waiting to be told what to do. She takes the initiative and proactively seeks the more complex tasks to improve and increase her technical knowledge. Madison’s positive attitude, friendly demeanor, and willingness to assist have makes her a positive asset to the Albany team and Piedmont.”

For those considering a career path in aviation maintenance, Madison says that it’s a good industry to work in and encourages prospective students to learn about Piedmont’s Tuition Payment Program. “For me, being able to attend school, have it paid by Piedmont and have a job when I graduated was a great opportunity to launch my career right out of school.”

Now Madison enjoys bringing her younger cousins and friends to air shows to expose them to the world of aviation. “My family has embraced aviation, which is fun!”

Interested in a new career path and exploring an exciting career in aviation maintenance? Learn more about Piedmont’s Tuition Payment Program by clicking here.