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Piedmont supports the next generation of black women pilots at Sisters of the Skies Scholarship Gala

Last weekend, Piedmont Airlines had the privilege of supporting the 6th Annual Sisters of the Skies Scholarship Gala—an impactful event that celebrates diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry, specifically for black female pilots

Discovering Sisters of the Skies

Sisters of the Skies is a remarkable organization within the aviation community. Led by the trailblazing Captain Rachelle Jones Kerr, they’re dedicated to uplifting and empowering black women pilots. Through mentorship, support, and a strong sense of community, they’re breaking barriers and inspiring dreams to take flight.

Reflecting on “The Dream Continues” Gala

The theme of the gala, “The Dream Continues,” echoed the ongoing journey towards diversity and representation in aviation. It was an inspiring evening filled with hope, encouragement, and a shared commitment to breaking barriers.

Why Piedmont’s Support Matters

Out of the over 700,000 pilots in the US only 300 identify as a black woman. With our partnership with Sisters of the Skies, Piedmont aims to help bring visibility and access to future generations of black female aviators who want to pursue a career in commercial aviation.  Supporting organizations like Sisters of the Skies goes beyond a sponsorship but is part of our company culture and a reflection of our values. At Piedmont, we believe in creating an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can succeed. Through our commitment, we’re taking tangible steps towards a more diverse and equitable aviation industry.

Voices from Within Piedmont

Harriett Gray, Administrative Assistant with Piedmont Ground Handling (GSP) and Secretary for Piedmont’s Black Professionals Network, her perspective: “Attending the gala filled me with gratitude and pride. Knowing that Piedmont supports the future of black female pilots is truly inspiring.”

Charisma Hunt, a Piedmont Ground Handling Agent in AGS, also expressed her thoughts: “The gala was a transformative experience. Surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals, I felt empowered and supported, knowing that one day soon I hope to start flight school myself.  Piedmont’s commitment to organizations like Sisters of the Skies is commendable.”

Aligning with Our Mission

At Piedmont, At Piedmont, our core values are centered around caring, compliance, communication and community; and supporting Sisters of the Skies is a direct reflection of living out our values every day. Supporting Sisters of the Skies is a direct reflection of this mission. By fostering diversity and inclusion within the aviation industry, we’re building a stronger, more vibrant community.

Piedmont’s collaboration with Sisters of the Skies is a testament to our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion in aviation. If you are interested in joining an organization that welcomes all lived experiences into the flight deck, then we look forward to having you join our team. You can learn more about our pilot programs here.