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“At Piedmont, I don’t have to hide who I am”

While administering care to a patient in the hospital one day, nursing intern Yosvanny “Yos” Andreu sparked a conversation that would change their career path from providing care on the ground to caring for passengers in the sky. “The patient was a flight attendant and we talked about what her job was like; it sounded exciting and something I wanted to do,” reflects Yos. As someone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the second time was the charm when Yos found the right airline that was the right fit. “Now that I’m working for Piedmont, I don’t have to hide who I am.” 

Yos earned a Bachelor of Nursing but that conversation never left his mind. He began applying for flight attendant positions after graduation and landed a job as a flight attendant with a different regional carrier. “I felt like it was the wrong airline for me, and I didn’t feel supported as an LGBTQ+ individual,” recalls Yos. He spoke with a current Piedmont flight attendant who shared the family feel and company culture with him that Piedmont has to offer and he decided to apply. 

Beginning with the application process, they felt like they were part of a family. Yos began flight attendant training in June 2022 and recalls one moment in particular that stood out to him. “On the day of uniform fittings, I shared with the instructors that I have he/they pronouns and requested both uniform collections,” shares Yos. “They said I could wear both male and female uniform pieces as long as I followed uniform standards. I could be myself and being given the option was a relief.” 

Since becoming a Piedmont flight attendant, Yos has had nothing but positive interactions with the Inflight Management team and colleagues. “Here at Piedmont, it doesn’t matter what you identify as or who you love,” they reflected. “It comes down to performing my duties as a flight attendant correctly.” Yos is grateful for his management team in Philadelphia who are always available for support and guidance. 

As a member of Piedmont’s Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) , Yos wants team members like him to know they are not alone. “Within the ERG are other Piedmont team members who likely identify in the same way that you do, and we support each other in a safe space. The Pride ERG is also a space for allies to join in the conversation and learn how to support their LGBTQ+ colleagues.” Yos is also a member of the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) and aspires to one day become a pilot. 

 “Thanks to my colleagues at Piedmont, throughout my time here, I’ve never had an issue with who I am.” 

 At Piedmont, we believe in building a strong community within our organization and providing our team members a safe space where everyone can be their authentic self.  Our work environment is engaging, challenging, and encouraging, with a sense of teamwork and collaboration. We hold ourselves accountable to one another, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported through our mission, vision, and values of caring, compliance, communication, and a sense of community.