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Paths to the Flight Deck

Frequently Asked Questions

First Officer

Does Piedmont currently sponsor work visas or E3 visas?  We do not currently sponsor work visas.  Candidates must be a United States citizen or have a permanent resident card with unrestricted travel in and out of the United States.

What is the current bonus structure and payout times? $15,000 for all first officers. Click here to learn more about the bonus structure.

Are there any delays in training?  Currently there are no delays to enter training.  Training and building seniority can begin as soon as the first officer candidate’s ATP/CTP course is completed.

After joining Piedmont, what is the current flow time to American Airlines?  Currently our estimated flow time is five years. Beginning your career as a Piedmont pilot means no second interview before flow to American.

What is the current time to upgrade to captain?  Our current upgrade time is approximately 18 months.

How many hours of Part 121 time are needed to get the extra $10,000 bonus?  To receive the extra $10,000 bonus, you must have at least 600 hours of Part 121 or qualifying Part 135 time.

How is the $15,000 sign-on bonus paid?  The sign-on bonus is paid in increments. The first increment of $5,000 is paid when starting class, the second increment of $5,000 is paid at the successful completion of training, and the final increment of $5,000 is paid after one year of service at Piedmont.

If I receive bonuses, what is my commitment to Piedmont before having to pay the bonuses back?  The first officer who received bonuses must remain employed at Piedmont for two years for no requirement of bonus payback.

What is the junior crew base?  Currently Philadelphia is the junior crew base.  Charlotte is available for bid based on seniority with a current expected wait time of approximately six months.

What is a typical flight schedule for first officers?  The trips vary and are bid each month.  Typical trips are three to four days in length with two to three days off.  All pilots receive a minimum of 11 days off per month.

How long will a new first officer have to sit reserve?  A new first officer can expect to sit reserve for approximately four months.  Trips are usually available to reserve pilots so they can continue to build time for upgrade.

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Direct Entry Captain

How does the Direct Entry Captain (DEC) program work?  Qualifying pilots with at least 1,000 hours of Part 121 or qualifying Part 135 time can apply for the program.  Successful candidates will fly as a First Officer but earn Captain pay until they are able to attend upgrade class.

How does seniority work for DEC candidates?  DEC candidates will be on the first officer seniority list until they attend upgrade class.

Does being a DEC affect flow time?  No. The flow is based on company seniority only.

What is the benefit of going to Piedmont as a DEC if I must be a First Officer until upgrade?  As a DEC, you will be earning captain pay immediately.

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When are applications being accepted for the Cadet Program?  Applications for the Cadet Program should be completed via after you complete your Commercial Multi-Engine with Instrument Rating and 400 hours of total flight time.  New cadets can be admitted into the program with 500 hours of total time.

As a cadet, do I have to work at a particular school or have a particular flying job?  No. Applicants can build their time anywhere, any way they want, if they are gaining a minimum of 60 hours a month.

As a cadet, is there pilot mentoring?  Being a cadet provides you with an opportunity to network with Piedmont pilots, Piedmont pilot recruiters and other cadets.  Cadets are also invited to various exclusive cadet events.

How long does it take a cadet in the program to become a Piedmont First Officer?  The length of the cadet program depends on how many hours the cadet has when they enter the program, how many hours built as a cadet, and how many hours needed for ATP minimums.

Does Piedmont still pay for the ATP/CTP course for cadets?  Yes.  Once ATP minimums are reached as a cadet, Piedmont will pay for the ATP/CTP course, including the FAA ATP written exam.

I applied for the Cadet Program on AirlineApps and received a message that Piedmont is not currently hiring cadets. Will I need to reapply once the Cadet Program officially opens? No, you will not need to reapply.  Although we are not yet interviewing, if an applicant has applied for the program through, the application will remain active until interviews begin.  We recommend that applicants re-visit and update their application on a regular basis.

As a cadet, am I eligible for company benefits? Cadets are not considered employees and do not receive company benefits. Cadets will receive financial assistance as they build time and will be invited to exclusive Piedmont cadet events.

I am interested in becoming a Cadet, but still have hours to build before reaching the 400-hour minimum. How can I be involved and stay connected with Piedmont Airlines in the meantime?  Piedmont has an active Cadet Ambassador Program that requires no minimum number of hours to join. The program was established for future cadet applicants who are interested in networking and attending events alongside pilot recruiters to spread awareness about flying for Piedmont.  Ambassadors have the opportunity to network with other aviation professionals around the country and will receive invitations to exclusive Piedmont events.

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