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Piedmont pilots get the complete package: top tier pay and bonuses, benefits and guaranteed flow to American Airlines. Use the calculator below to see how your experience affects your compensation.

Tell Us About Your Experience

Min. 750 hours required to join as Captain

Your Compensation Package

Base Pay
Starting Pay Rate per hour
Year 1 Min. Pay (Min. guarantee, excluding bonuses)
Year 2 Min. Pay (Min. guarantee, excluding bonuses)
Average per diem per year for line holders $7,410
$15,000 New Hire Bonus
$7,500 E145 Type Rating Bonus
$10,000 Near Entry Captain
$15,000 Direct Entry Captain
$15,000 After 12 months of active service
$30,000 Captain upgrade bonus
$40,000 Captain upgrade + 1 year bonus
$40,000 Captain upgrade + 2 year bonus
$25,000 Flow to American Bonus
$100,000 Experience Bonus up front in your first paycheck
$75,000 Experience Bonus up front in your first paycheck
Cumulative Bonuses:
FO at American Airlines 4.5–6 years
Bid into Base of Choice PHL: 0 months
MDT: 0 months
CLT: 5 months

Your Experience

Total number of FLYING HOURS for any Part 121/Part 135 carrier:

Number of COMPLETED YEARS (cumulative) as a pilot for all former Part 121 carriers:

Do you have an Embraer 145 type rating?:

Do you plan to start class before 12/31/2022?:

I am joining Piedmont as a:

*This calculator tool is intended for the use of prospective Pilots as a means to estimate rates of pay and potential bonuses. The information provided is for general purposes and does not represent a formal commitment or contingent job offer. Calculations are based on estimated compensation modules and assume the Pilot meets all eligibility requirements for each bonus payment. Actual compensation may differ based on actual hours, and is subject to change.

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