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Piedmont offers transition help, bonuses for military mechanics

SALISBURY, Maryland – Piedmont Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Airlines Group Inc., is launching a custom transition program for military mechanics who wish to begin careers in civilian aviation.

Piedmont’s Military Transition Program (MTP) provides veterans and soon-to-be separated aviation mechanics with a personalized transition plan and up to $28,736 in training, tools and bonuses to help the transition go smoothly.

“Military experience is valuable to us, and we want to make the transition is easy as possible for veterans and their families,” said Kevin Dallaire, recruiting manager. “Each situation is unique, so we have a team dedicated to answering questions and guiding mechanics through the process.”

Piedmont operates a growing fleet of Embraer 145 regional jets maintained at seven locations on the East Coast including Philadelphia, Albany, NY and Richmond, Va. Aircraft maintenance technicians – or AMTs – at Piedmont are responsible for all aspects of the aircraft including engines, landing gear, sheet metal and interiors. As with military maintenance, repairs must be completed to the highest standards.

“There is nothing better than watching a plane take off in the morning and knowing that your work overnight made that flight possible,” said Dale Witmer, regional maintenance manager and former Air Force FB-111 crew chief. “The work at Piedmont is incredibly rewarding.”

Piedmont will assist military mechanics complete the requirements for an FAA airframe and powerplant license, including:

  •  $5,000 for airframe and powerplant training
  • $1,500 housing stipend while training for A&P
  • $1,500 toward testing and licensure
  •  a Snap-on mechanic toolbox and tools valued at over $3,000.

Piedmont will also pay up to $17,500 in bonuses for relevant experience. Once a mechanic completes the transition, he or she will be placed in the next available Piedmont training class. Mechanics who refer a friend to Piedmont can receive an additional $5,000.

The transition program for mechanics comes on the heels of Piedmont’s transition program for military pilots. In 2018, Piedmont successfully placed over 80 military pilots in Piedmont training classes with the ultimate goal of flying for American Airlines.

“We encourage all military men and women – pilots and mechanics – to do some research before choosing a civilian career,” said Dallaire. “It’s a big step and there are a lot of decisions to make, so whether they ultimately choose Piedmont or not, we’re happy to answer any questions.”

To learn more about Piedmont or Piedmont’s transition program for military aviation mechanics, visit or contact Kevin Dallaire at