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Piedmont Airlines signs new agreement enhancing quality of life benefits for pilots

Piedmont Airlines has reached a tentative agreement with the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) enhancing quality of life benefits including a change in reserve rules for our pilots.

“We recognized that one of the biggest concerns for direct-entry captains was reserve rules, not just at Piedmont, but everywhere. We saw an opportunity to make improvements not just for our direct-entry captains but for all of our captains,” said Eddie Leverton, Vice President of Flight Operations. “Recently, we announced a fantastic economic package, this week we matched that with a quality of life package that offers significant and tangible improvements to the work-life balance that all pilots can expect at Piedmont Airlines. This proposal demonstrates an understanding of how important these issues are to our pilots.”

This tentative agreement provides:

  • Updated reserve rules: All Piedmont captains, including Direct Entry Captains, are guaranteed not to spend extended time on short-call reserve. Once a Piedmont pilot completes 250 hours flying as a captain with the company, they will be guaranteed long-call reserve (a minimum 12-hour call-out).
  • All pilots will receive a minimum of 12 days off each month.
  • 50% bonus on select holidays (including Super Bowl Sunday) for all Piedmont pilots
  • All pilots with ‘eligible upgrade hours’ (including Part 135 or 91K) will be entitled to bring their longevity from other airlines to Piedmont and be placed on a higher step on the pay scale.

“We are grateful for a Piedmont – ALPA partnership that allows us to strategically position Piedmont as the leading regional carrier not just in terms of performance and reliability but as the premier destination for aspiring pilots,” added Leverton. “Piedmont offers industry leading pay, the fastest contractual flow to American Airlines and with this new TA we offer the best work-life balance amongst other regional airlines.”

With Piedmont’s top tier pay for pilots, captain salaries start at $146 per hour and increases for every year of experience up to $213 per hour. New Direct Entry Captains (DECs) and High Time First Officers (HTFO) are eligible to take advantage of newly offered experience bonuses, offering $100,000 (950+ qualifying hours) up front for direct entry captains or $75,000 up front for high time first officers (500-949 qualifying hours). Maximize your opportunities and take advantage of the new bonus by applying by the end of the year.

Maximize your opportunities and apply today at or reach out to a recruiter at for details. There is no better time to join a growing regional airline.

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