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Piedmont Airlines’ 1:1 longevity pay and new reserve rules for captains changes the game. Maximize your work-life balance and secure your financial future. Pilots with 950+ qualifying flight hours receive a $100,000 experience bonus on their first payday, and pilots with 500-950 qualifying hours receive $75,000, when you accept a conditional job offer before September 30, 2023 and begin class within 90 days.

Our pilots are among the highest-paid pilots in the regional aviation industry. First Officers start at $90 per hour and Captains start at $146 per hour during the first year. Bringing experience? Earn even more.

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Piedmont is offering pilots with over 950 qualifying flight hours a $100,000 bonus and pilots with over 500 qualifying flight hours a $75,000 experience bonus in their first paycheck.

Pay & Benefits



Year one Captain


Year two Captain

  • After 2,500 total hours and 1,000 Part 121 hours, bid for captain



First year pay for First Officers

75 hours/month



12 days off per month guaranteed minimum

4 hour min day

100 percent trip cancellation and dead head pay

42 hours paid sick leave per year

5 paid vacation days in your first year

6 paid holidays

10 paid vacation days in your second year

World Class Benefits

Travel privileges for you, your family and friends across the American Airlines global network

401 (k) plan through Fidelity, with a company match

High quality affordable health insurance is best in the industry

PPO covers doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions and vision

Generous commuter policy including up to 4 commuter hotels a month 

Long call reserve – 12 hours to report

Reserve Captains are guaranteed Long Call Reserve after obtaining 250 Captain hours

Bid on crew base assignments based on vacancies and seniority

Pilot Careers

Direct Entry Captain

Bring your longevity with you and take your pilot Captain career to new heights at Piedmont Airlines. Earn full compensation for your previous Part 121, 135, or 91K experience. Piedmont Captains contractually flow to American Airlines in 5 years or move to the top of the Captain pay scale until they flow.

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First Officer

Watch your First Officer career take off at Piedmont while enjoying one of the best benefits package in the industry. Plus, get paid as a Captain while flying as a First Officer when you reach 750 hours. You’ll train to proficiency and the standard at the American Airlines Training Center. Jet your pilot career further through the fastest Captain upgrade program and quickest contractual flow to American Airlines.

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Cadet Program

Looking to start your pilot career? Join Piedmont’s pilot Cadet Program, receive a $30,000 bonus and board the fastest path to American Airlines. Build hours how you want and where you want, and enjoy industry perks, as well as mentors, events, and networking opportunities along the way. Once you complete the ATP-CTP course and exam, you’ll be placed into the next available new hire pilot training class at Piedmont, with no additional interview required.

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Transition from Military

Let Piedmont help you make the transition from a military pilot to a rewarding aviation career as a pilot at Piedmont. Your military flight hours count. If you’re short of FAA requirements for commercial pilots or need additional ratings, our military transition program will match you with flight schools to customize your training and fill in the gaps to get you off the ground. 

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The Fastest Path to American Airlines

Piedmont Airlines pilots are on the fastest path to American Airlines under a company contractual “flow” program with enhanced quality of life benefits, including:

  • Compensating First Officers as Captains after accumulating 750 flight hours  
  • Minimum of 4 hours of flight pay for each day(s) of the assignment   
  • Commuting pilots in non-hub locations will receive four hotel nights per month 
  • 50% bonus on select holidays (including Super Bowl Sunday) for all pilots 
  • Minimum of 12 days off and additional enhancements to bid schedules 
  • Reserve Captains are guaranteed Long Call Reserve after obtaining 250 Captain hours 


Earn Your Stripes Quickly

At Piedmont, you may start as a first officer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay in the right seat longer than you need to. Before your guaranteed job at American, Piedmont pilots have the opportunity to become captains in 12-15 months, which increases your pay. It’s even sooner for pilots with Part 121 experience.

Graph showing how pilots through Piedmont upgrade to Captains usually within 15 months or less.

Crew Bases

Charlotte, NC

Two hours from the mountains, three to the coast, Charlotte has it all. Hiking, biking, rafting and the mild year-round climate to enjoy it. Fly Embraer jets from CLT, American’s largest East Coast hub, and build your career in a vibrant city that’s growing but still small enough to retain its Southern charm that always says hello.

Philadelphia, PA

Piedmont’s prime location and growing Philadelphia hub offer pilots another great situation. You’ll challenge your skills with East Coast takeoffs and landings. You’ll live where everything’s within reach. Operate within easy distance of all that makes the East great – dynamic cities, rich culture, live sports, top dining, the beach and mighty Atlantic. Position your career, your life – in the center of it all.

Harrisburg, PA

US News and World Report ranked Harrisburg, the state capitol of Pennsylvania, as the #1 Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania. Located along the banks of the Susquehanna River, Harrisburg is an eclectic mix of wilderness and city life, as well as the old and the new, making it a perfect destination for your pilot career. From hiking trails and outdoor recreational activities for the outdoor enthusiast to living within a few hours’ drive from major cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Harrisburg has something for everyone.

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Questions? We’d love to hear from you. Contact a recruiter to learn more about the application process and get a personal guide to joining the Piedmont team. Or visit us at any of our upcoming recruiting events to meet members of our team.